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Mobile chicken tractors vs fixed pen

See also How to use a chicken tractor and How to build a chicken tractor   and chicken tractor guest post . Sign up for my weekly email updates here , you will find out more about chickens, soap and our farmlife, straight to your inbox, never miss a post!  New soap website and shop opening soon.... When we first started with chickens, we had an old stable with a tack room, and converted that into a chicken coop, with long star-pickets and chicken mesh used to make a run.  As we got more chickens, we kept having to make the run bigger so they would have somewhere the scratch.  Its amazing how quickly a few chickens can demolish a run full of grass.  We used to let them out before we went to work, but then a few things happened.  First the dog started helping herself to chickens (we’d come home to find a very “sorry” dog and a chicken is varying stages of being eaten).  Then the chickens started crossing the road and scuffing up the neighbour’s garden.  So from then on we had to kee

You can never have enough kelpie dogs!

My former flatmate has asked us to look after her kelpie , Chime, while she's overseas with her partner for several months.  Of course we couldn't say "no" when we have so much space for her to play!  I lived with both of them for about 3 years, so I'm quite attached to Chime and hate the thought of her in a small city block when she could be living here.  Chime is 10 years old, and Cheryl is 8, so they have similar energy levels, although they both act like puppies at times!  I hope they will enjoy each other's company, at the moment they are just getting used to each other, which is hard for both of them as they are both only children! Seeing double?  Cheryl and Chime sit obediently for treats.