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Slug Wars

I mentioned in my last post that my garden is currently a slug habitat.  With all the wet weather in Queensland this summer we have perfect conditions for slugs and its got so bad now that I can’t plant any seeds directly in the garden as any new shoots are eaten as soon as they appear. bean seedling attempting to grow silver beet full of slug holes (still ok to eat though) We have chickens and a dog that eats anything, so I’ve been trying organic/natural solutions.  So far I have tried: At first, when there weren't many slugs, I tried picking them off the plants as I found them and squishing them between my fingers, but now there are far too many and I would be out there all day! Small tins of beer buried in the garden: This had success at first, but I had to keep topping them up due to the rain diluting the tins and although they were always full of slugs there were plenty more in the garden.  I think this would be a good solution for minor slug infestation

My first blog post

I'm starting this because since we have been having a go at lots of different self-sufficient activities on our little 8 acre property, we have got stuck on lots of little problems, and I want to share them with others and see if we can help to inspire others and get some help for ourselves at times too! At the moment my husband and I share our block with two steers: Rocket Bruce Three roosters and lots of hens: Hector (the eldest Rhode Is Red Rooster) Ivan (our beautiful new White Leghorn Rooster) Randy (our younger Rhode Is Red Rooster - with some of the girls) And one lazy, crazy Kelpie: Cheryl the Spoilt Kelpie When we have time, between feeding all the animals and building fences and cages for them, we also keep a large vege garden: Vege garden (currently a perfect slug habitat) At the moment, just in time for Christmas, we also have a "flock" of four turkeys, which are most unusual animals: TURKEYS! I hope this gives