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The new Eight Acres website is live!

Very soon this blogspot address will automatically redirect to the new Eight Acres site, but in the meantime, you can check it out here .  You will find all my soaps, ebooks and beeswax/honey products there, as well as the blog (needs a tidy up, but its all there!).  I will be gradually updating all my social media links and updating and sharing blog posts over the next few months.  I'm very excited to share this new website with you!

Farm update - September 2017

One more post on this blog and then I think I'm going to be ready to launch the new site!  I can't wait to share it with you. Well it hasn't rained for a few weeks and I always find this time of year tough because all the grass is dead from the cold weather and lack of rain, so its all just brown and dry and I start to worry about bushfires.  We are just waiting for rain.  Which is a shame really because apart from that its quite a nice temperature and the days are getting longer, so I should be enjoying the weather instead of wishing for rain.  Also the dogs get very dirty and static from playing in the dust! Food and cooking Did you see my post about growing mushrooms?  That was quite fun :) Land and farming We've been looking at getting a bigger tractor because we really want to try a yeoman's plough to improve our pasture.  And we finally bought a firefighting rig for the back of the ute. Chickens Barastock sent me some chicken fo

Getting stared with chickens - summing up

In 2013 I interviewed chicken flocksters on different sized properties, from suburban blocks to small farms, in four different countries, about getting started with chickens. This was a continuation from my first series of interviews about “ getting started with growing your own ”. One thing was the same in every interview, everyone loves watching their chickens! I really enjoyed reading these interviews, so I hope you did too. It is interesting to read about how people keep their chickens (and other poultry) and why they make those decisions, with lots of great advice for new chicken keepers too. Here are all the interviews: Ohiofarm Girl of Adventure in the Goodland (USA) Gavin from the Greening of Gavin (Aust) Madeleine from NZ Eco Chick (NZ) Tanya of Lovely Greens (UK) Adam and Amy from Sustainaburbia (Aust) Linda from Greenhaven (Aust) And my interview with myself (Aust) I'm looking forward to more chicken discussions... By the way, my ch