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Dump shop finds

When we took our old BBQ to the dump I had a an opportunity for a quick look through the dump shop.  (I should also point out that the only reason we didn't put the BBQ on freecycle is that we took off the wheels and the hot plate for upcycling, and the burners were very rusty, so it was better off as scrap).  The dump shop is even cheaper than op shops and you can find some really unexpected things there.

I was incredibly excited to find the 1980s Australian Trivial Pursuit game with ALL THE PIECES AND CARDS!!!!   I have wanted a copy of this for ages, yay!  We have an old monopoly game from the markets, but that game just gets so boring it makes us fight, and we've had to resort to playing cards lately.  This should provide hours of fun.

I also found a couple of books, one about travelling in the Northern Territory and one about resources in Queensland.  I got all of this for $5.  Bargain! 

Do you use a local dump shop?  Or do you think I'm gross? :)


  1. Cool, I love having board games, we have a few from op shops and presents. I'd like all the classics, like Trivial Pursuit & Scrabble, for power outages and family fun! My husband just bought a pack of Uno too... will see how the kids handle that tomorrow.

    I took the kids op shopping today, I usually try to go by myself, but we all know that even though it is cheap, we don't need unnecessary 'stuff'! We have bought from tip shops & other recycling places before... so I don't think your gross. More & more of it will take place in the future... we will just have awesome scavenger & bargaining skills already!

  2. great finds. I went to the Lifeline Book fest in Brisbane last weekend with my best friend and they have puzels and board games there that are second hand. I managed to get a unused Majong set for my best friend (without her knowing) for $15 normally they are over $60 for a average one so it was a score. Nothing gross about it.

  3. Totally not gross.

    If it's board games your after, I can recommend a few that are AWESOME fun for two or more players.

    Settlers of Catan
    San Juan
    Ticket to Ride (USA version)
    Monopoly Deal (the card game - its cheap and WAY better than the board game.)
    Stone Age

    I love board games. :)

  4. I love my local dump shop. I've gotten bits of guttering, lengths of timber, doors, windows, corrugated iron, dog kennels, car ramps, and all sorts of other useful stuff there. Pretty much every time, the guy looks at whatever I'm holding and says "5 bucks". So I've learned to pick up a few things each time, instead of just getting one thing :-).

    When my wife asked what I wanted for Christmas, I asked for a gift certificate for the dump shop. Unfortunately they don't sell them :-).

    My wife hates it when I have to take a trailer-load of stuff to the dump, because she knows I then have a lot of carrying capacity to bring stuff back!

  5. Oh, forgot to mention - I've heard a lot of good things about a board game called Agricola. I've been trying to find it for ages, but it's very expensive new and I can't find it second hand. Maybe keep an eye out for it!

  6. Great recommendations everyone! Glad to hear you're all using dump shops, op shops and charity sales!

    Darren, I nearly got run over by the bulldozer at the dump when I was trying to "rescue" perfectly good scrap metal. We often come home with as much stuff from the dump as we took there!


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