At Eight Acres we keep steers to be killed for beef and milking cows as house cows for their milk.  We are still evolving our strategy.  We currently have one adult jersey cow (Bella) and her heifer calf (Molly), and a little dexter bull (Donald), so we aiming to produce one calf every 6-9 months, this will be for meat, and the cow will continue to produce milk for us to drink and make various cheeses and fermented products.

At Cheslyn Rise we keep braford cattle.  We have about 25 cows and a bull (Maus) and we sell the calves when they are ready to be weaned.  One day we'd like to sell beef directly to the public.

I'm currently writing an ebook about our experience with house cows.  It will contain some of the information in the posts below, but pulled together in a sensible order and with some extra details that I haven't written about on the blog yet.

General cattle care:
Cows and milking:

Milk products:
  • Raw milk - I never knew it was so controversial, but I now have my own conspiracy theories...with more details here
  • I have two cheese making books AND I borrowed another from my neighbour, as well as some recipes in the Healthy House Cow (which gave me the courage to use raw milk, rather than the other books that stress the need to pasteurise).
    • Home Cheesemaking (Neil and Carole Willman)
    • Cutting the Curd, Cheese Making at Home (Katherine Mowbray)
  • I prefer to make soft cheese, yoghurt and kefir


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