We moved a secondhand house to our larger farm property Cheslyn Rise.  We are gradually working on the house so that we can eventually sell Eight Acres and live at Cheslyn Rise.  Read more about our house progress here.  A few work-in-progress photos below:

January 2015

January 2015

I don't post much about our house at Eight Acres.  To be honest, it is a tiny two bedroom hardiplank house, not much to post about!  It is the same size as our shed actually!  We bought the house because we couldn't find anything we liked in Nanango at the time.  Our wish list was mostly animal focused - perimeter fencing, dam/bore, decent pasture, shade trees, big shed - were "must haves" and everything else was optional.  In the end we looked for the cheapest house we could find, thinking that if we couldn't have a nice house, we may as well have a cheap one.  The whole property was pretty neglected when we moved in, so most of the work so far has been in fixing fences, cleaning up fallen trees and building the infrastructure we needed, we are yet to do anything about the blue walls and pink tiles inside the house!

The house does actually have some mod-cons, an inside toilet, a bath, fly screens, which I have been very happy with.  We did have some plans for improving the house, but the only things we have done so far is install a lovely woodstove and four new ceiling fans.

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