As we haven't lived in the South Burnett for long, we are still learning what to grow and what the climate is really like and what grows well her.  My top five veges are still favourites but I am trying to branch out and try new ones.  Here's all my garden posts.

This is what I've learnt so far:
  • Spring - warm days and cool nights, minimal pests, so a good time to get plants established
    • Harvest silverbeet, mustard greens, spring onions and broccoli, herbs start regrowing
    • Start planting seeds and seedlings for summer!
  • Summer - hot and humid, slugs and powdery mildew are a problem, but if plants get established in Spring and are nice and strong they can survive and produce well
    • Tomatoes, zucchinis, squash, silverbeet, corn, eggplant, beans, capsicum
  • Autumn - still warm, but nights cooling off again, time to prepare for winter frosts and bring in the last of the summer harvest, time to plant winter crops including:
    • peas, brasicas and root crops
  • Winter - expect heavy frosts, nothing tender will survive to be eaten, put effort into silverbeet, brasicas and root crops, watch out for bandicoots!

I do try to follow organic principles where possible and my two best allies for adding fertility are mulch and compost/weed teas.  More on compost here.  And I have a worm farm.

I recently started a container orchard with a lemon and lime tree, can't wait to start harvesting my own citrus!  I've also written a series of posts about herbs in my garden.

Here's a few posts you might find interesting:

Some fabulous gardening books that I refer to frequently:
  • Organic Gardening in Australia (Jacqueline French) - I got a 1st ed (1986) from a market :)
  • How does your garden grow? (Chris Breadshaw) - a UK book, but great info on how plants/soil grows
 I recommended a few other books in my book store as well.

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