Friday, July 18, 2014

Plastic Free - Personal care, toiletries and other euphamisms

I often forget how much plastic is in a "normal" bathroom.  Bottles, tubes and tubs of shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, deodorant, hairspray, hair gel, hair dye,  moisturiser, cleanser, toner, eye wrinkle cream, make up remover, make up containers x a million, toothpaste, tooth brush, toilet paper packaging, razors, shaving cream etc.... more on that in a minute....

This July Pete and I are taking up the challenge once again to reduce and analyse our single use plastic consumption with Plastic Free July.

What's plastic-free in my bathroom?
Homemade soap (details here and here)
Homemade deodorant (recipe here)
Homemade skin salve (recipe here)
Damadi moisturiser (made in Australia, packaged in glass jars that I reuse for the above)
Shaving stick and brush

homemade salve
What's still plastic?
Toothpaste (Miessence organic, in a plastic tube, something I should make, any suggestions?)
Toothbrushes (just the normal supermarket version, I tried the bamboo ones and I just wasn't happy with it)
Disposable razors for me and Pete, but he does use a brush and shaving stick instead of a can of foam (again, any suggestions)

What's missing?
I don't wash my hair, so I don't use any products in it either, and I don't colour my hair.
I don't wear makeup

Too much information? *Women Only Zone*
One last source of plastic waste in the bathroom is the copious amount generated by by menstrual products, both the packaging and the products themselves.  I used to hate throwing away all that plastic, until I got a reusable cup and reusable fabric pads.  Here's the whole story for those who want to find out more.  And if you want to buy some, please use the affiliate link to Rad Pads on my webpage so I get a small contribution.

How do you reduce plastic in your bathroom?


  1. Yay! Will love these. I just told Hubby and he said, "Good, coz we NEED them!". I have a couple of bags for buying veggies but when he goes to get them, more often than not, I've put a knitting project in them. Thank you. I'll email you soon.

  2. Thank you! I've emailed my details for the fregie sacks. Check out operators will be happy they don't have to grab all the single fruits and vegetables anymore.

  3. I have not made soap with anything other than olive oil but I might give this a go if we ever get our cow killed.

  4. A friend of mine gave me a mini pot of her toothpaste as a "stating to DIY" gift. Simply it is coconut oil and bicarb soda (also seen baking soda used). Tiny bit goes long way and I prefer non-flavoured.

    She started making because she is allergic to a lot of additives.

    You could add food grad essential oils/flavours of choice but I don't mind it plain. Seen people add honey and stivia too but again, I don't think it is needed.

    I do recommend using a new brush for and rinse sink/brush with hot water (at least every few days).


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