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How I use herbs - Dill

Dill (Anethum graveolens) is an annual herb that grows well here in autumn and spring when its not too hot and not too cold.  Dill grows very easily from seed, another simple and tasty herb for any garden.
How I grow dill
Dill forms large flowers and seed-heads at the end of the season, and I keep a few seeds and sprinkle the rest around the garden.  Every year more dill pops up around the garden towards the end of winter.  It grows huge and flowers again as the weather warms up.

eight acres: how to grow and use dill

How I use dill
Dill leaves have a tangy flavour.  I never liked dill when I only had dried dill, it wasn't until I tried fresh dill that I really appreciated the taste.  It compliments seafood, eggs and potatoes.  I used it in my pickled cucumbers and its also good in mayonnaise (which I have not perfected).  I like it chopped up with other fresh herbs like chervil, parsley and basil, as a garnish with salad or on meat.  I also pick the dill leaves and dry them in my dehydrator (and they are nearly as good as fresh leaves).

Dill seeds can also be used, they have a similar taste, and keep better than the dried leaves. Both are good for digestion (particularly spasms) and can be used to make a tea.  It is also recommended for increasing milk production for breastfeeding mothers, and can be used for cough and flu remedies.  

Dill flowers are great for feeding pollinators including honey bees

eight acres: how to grow and use dill

eight acres: how to grow and use dill
I think this is a parsley flower, but dill is very similar with yellow flowers

 Do you grow and use dill?

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  1. I like to use dill in homemade potato salad. I just chop it very finely and add it to the creamy dressing I make. Yum!

  2. Dill is delicious. I love both the fresh leaves and the seed for cooking. My favourite salad dressing involves 60/40 mayonnaise and cream, a generous teaspoon of dijon mustard, chopped fresh dill and parsley, followed buy ground cumin and ground white pepper to taste. Great in potato salad, but also good for pasta salad.

    I love to use the seeds in honey-mustard chicken, in a curry or Arabian lamb casserole. They carry a lovely flavour in the dish without being overpowering.

  3. Ohhhh I love dill and was not aware it could be used for breast feeding I have some seeds left from the farm and was going to give them all away but with Peanut due soon I might keep them.

  4. Hi Liz,
    Love this post. Dill especially is something we use when we pickle our cucumbers and even with pickled carrots as well.
    We don't grow anywhere near enough herbs, so will have to get my act together and plant a few more.

  5. Mmmm, delicious dill. I'd never ventured into using it until the last couple of years. However, it's a very important herb among the Barossa German descendants who make Pickled Dill Cucumbers at cucumber time each year. An acquired taste, that I never really developed until I reached maturity. Wow, I can't wait to try the dressing recipe from Chris (above).


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