Monday, January 11, 2016

Six reasons to consider chicken tractors

Are you still wondering if chicken tractors would work at your place?

I've written an article for FarmStyle with six reasons why you should consider chicken tractors.

Find out more on this link.  FarmStyle has a range of useful farm articles and a forum for small farm discussions.

eight acres: six reasons to consider using chicken tractors

By the way, my chicken eBook is now available if you want to know more about backyard chickens and using chicken tractors.  More information over at the chicken tractor ebook blog.  Or you can get it directly from my shop on Etsy (.pdf format), or Amazon Kindle or just send me an email eight.acres.liz {at}

What's the eBook about?
Chickens in a confined coop can end up living in an unpleasant dust-bowl, but allowing chickens to free-range can result in chickens getting into gardens and expose them to predators.

 A movable cage or “chicken tractor” is the best of both options – the chickens are safe, have access to clean grass, fresh air and bugs. Feed costs are reduced, chickens are happier, and egg production increases. 

 But how do you build a chicken tractor? What aspects should be considered in designing and using a chicken tractor effectively? In this eBook I aim to explain how to make a chicken tractor work for you in your environment to meet your goals for keeping chickens. 

I also list what I have learnt over 10 years of keeping chickens in tractors of various designs and sizes, from hatching chicks, through to butchering roosters.

Reviews of the Design and Use a Chicken Tractor


  1. I purchased your Chicken Tractor eBook last month and really love it. Crikey, what value for money!!! You've covered everything in there, plus more. Now I want to get it printed out so I can have it on my bench close to all of my other "go to" books. I really want a chicken tractor now.. to add nutrients to the paddocks as we move them along particularly appeals to me. In our case the fox situation is the biggest drawback but there are ways around that.

  2. We're looking at buying a movable Eglu from Omlet.. have you seen these? Any thoughts?

  3. I am keen to keep chickens and was thinking of recycling our old swing frame - now to convert that to a tractor. We have 1000 acres (lots of scrub unfortunately).


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