Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why do some cattle have horns?

A couple of times now I've heard people say that only bulls have horns.  The second time it was a radio announcer.  I thought I better write a post to explain that some cows have horns.... and some bulls don't!  Read more about why some cattle have horns over on my house cow ebook blog.

eight acres: why do some cattle have horns?
Polled Angus steers - no horns

eight acres: why do some cattle have horns?
Miss Molly cow - definitely has horns,
but her calf Chubby had a polled sire, so she doesn't have horns

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  1. I've heard that one too Liz. All my cows have horns, Scottish Highlands, and I love the look. I'm glad to say though that they think their horns are just for scratching their own backs because they could be quite scary if they wanted to be.

  2. Ha! those radio announcers are mostly pretty naive about farming. Another one I heard was that all lambs are born in Spring!!

  3. Hilarious! Yep, I have lost count of the times I have heard that only bulls have horns too. Another one is that hens only can lay eggs if they have a roster!

  4. Some people are just a bit dense, who would say that without knowing it was true. Have they never see a buffalo?


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