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Its our wedding anniversary!

Today is our third wedding anniversary.

I did a series of posts about our wedding, and I'm glad I did, because the memory is fading. I consider that we had a simple wedding, it was certainly cheap and not very flash. We enjoyed the day and spending time with family and friends. I wrote these posts to help people realise that they don't have to follow the normal commercial wedding, and its easy to do something different and simple if you want to and you don't have to spend a fortune (save it for the honeymoon).

A simple wedding in several parts - location, guest list and invitations, accommodation

A simple wedding part 2 - the dress and flowers

A simple wedding part 3 - the ceremony

A simple wedding part 4 - the reception

We are continuing the tradition of not going on a honeymoon or doing much for our anniversary because we have too many animals :) This year we are just having a simple dinner at home together on the veranda, looking out over all those animals (and eating the good things that they give us that totally makes it worth keeping them :) )

Tell me about your simple wedding ideas.....


  1. We kept our's very simple too, total cost was $54.00 - and I do mean total. I haven't forgotten the details - even though the only photos we got were some quick snaps my Mother took. We had a short trip to the mountains - 2 days - because we had to get back to the farm - but it stuck - we celebrated 41 years in April!

  2. Happy anniversary to you both. Simple is what we chose too 20 plus years ago.

  3. We kept our wedding simple and took the ferry across the James to a bed and breakfast. A little past our first anniversary we had a baby girl so we really needed all the money that we didn't spend!

  4. Happy Anniversary. Hope you many many more.

  5. We were married in Rabaul.Papua New Guinea in 1974.I was teaching at a church adult education college,my hubby was a plumber with a church building firm.My housemate made my simple long dress with some pretty white/blue fabric I had taken with me to make day dresses! My veil was a length of fine mosquito netting on a pretty clip.A couple of Papua New Guineans were our best man and bridesmaid and the students put on a traditional feast for us as the reception.Our Mums in their seventies came out from England and Oz and so we had to take them on our few days honeymoon!!!! We had a shack on the beach and they had a shack further along the beach but we had to look after them.I have a great photo of them having a ride in a local dug out canoe!!! So our wedding was very different , very cheap indeed and very memorable .........almost forty years ago.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and to me. Its our 20th anniversary today!!!!

  7. Congrats - hope it was a wonderful day :)

  8. Weddings can be lots of fun and very inexpensive. Ours was 28 years ago.

    Timing: 1st day of Spring 11 am
    Location: Friends remote small property at the head waters of the Manning river
    Foliage: Peach blossoms everywhere
    Guests: Could drive there for the day or camp overnight
    Bride: Dressed in the two room ancient slab hut
    Brides Dress: All lace and worth every cent
    Groom: Dressed in the hay shed
    Grooms Outfit: Appropriate for the mid 1980's
    Weather: Thunder storm 30 minutes before the ceremony cleared to sunny skies
    Ceremony: Under a 100 year old Walnut tree
    Photographers: Two keen friends supplied with film
    Reception: In the open sided machinery shed
    Food: Pig (ex friends) and Lamb (ex butcher) on hired spit roasts and lots of salads
    Drinks: Supplied by bride and groom
    Problem: Beer, wine and food leftover
    Solution: Property owner telephoned all the surrounding neighbours at 5pm and we had a second reception lasting until late at night
    Honeymoon: two weeks driving an old van with a mattress all over northern NSW looking at the countryside

  9. Happy Anniversary you guys!!! Time flies hey.

  10. Happy anniversary! We are coming up to 8 years...boy time flies! Our wedding was anything but simple, though we do keep our anniversaries pretty basic.

  11. Looked a great wedding! Ours wasn't super low budget but it was well within what we could afford at the time. we both knew so many people it turned into quite a big wedding but everthing was kept simple (there was quite a few tractors about on the day as well which is always good!

  12. thanks for the comments everyone! and thanks for sharing your own stories, they make me smile :)


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