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Real food tomato sauce

One of Pete's favourite foods is tomato sauce (ketchup).  He likes to put it on everything, especially his morning eggs.  We try to buy the brand that has the lowest sugar content, but its still 30%, so I wanted to try to make some sauce myself in an effort to reduce the sugar content.  I did make the first batch from red tomatoes, but forgot to take photos, so here is batch two, made with yellow tomatoes :)

I cut up the tomatoes and cooked them on a low heat for several hours, adding only an onion and lots of garlic.  When the tomatoes were cooked, I blended them until smooth.  For every 2 cups of tomato puree, I added 1 tablespoon each of rapadura sugar and apple cider vinegar, and then adjusted to taste (it depends on the tomatoes).

The result has been rather popular.  I try to just make a little at a time because I'm not confident with canning.  About a cup or 2 lasts a couple of weeks in the fridge.

cooking the tomatoes

the finished product
Do you make your own tomato sauce?


  1. Oh I bet that tastes yummy. I have just been reading a book about how much sugar is added to everyday products - very scary.

    1. yes, the sugar is terrible, and one of the last things we have been working on substituting is tomato sauce!

  2. The ketchup (I have seen bottles spelled catsup) in the US has corn syrup but either way it just tastes different from what I make at home. I think in recent years they are more concerned that it be thick rather than how good it tastes. I make it similar to what you described and can it in pint jars. It is pretty safe especially since the extra acid is added.

  3. This is on our to-do list. Thanks for posting your recipe.

  4. That looks fantastic made with just yellow tomatoes! I made a similar sauce but was a bit nervous about adding too much sugar, so just put a bit in while I was cooking it. Adding it and cider vinegar at the end sounds much better and easier to control. I'll try that next time. Thanks for the tip!

  5. What a gorgeous yellow and no food colouring in sight! I am finding when I get 'time poor' , a great way to get a batch of ketchup going is to bung it all in the slow cooker for the day with the lid tea time we have this gorgeous concentrated tomato sauce . I have yellow tomatoes in the garden, I am off to make yellow tomato sauce right now.

  6. We don't use much tomato sauce as a sauce, instead we use relish but I make a generous batch of sauce for our pizza making (every Fri night :) ). I also make tomato paste which is nothing but the tomatoes. Tomatoes being high acid are the easiest ones to water bath preserve for the pantry and I would urge you to give it a go. In your climate I know you have tomatoes for a much longer season. If you stick to the instructions you'll be perfectly fine.I bet once you take the plunge you'll love it.

    1. you are right, I should learn canning, I will get there eventually! Your relish and pizza sound wonderful!

  7. thanks everyone, sounds like we all enjoy making our own sauce :)


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